Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frank Buster

What a special little guy. He waltzed in tonight with his head bald and scarred from radiation, and a big smile on his face. The brain tumor would not survive. He was sure of that. He'd named it 'Frank' because he needed to know to whom exactly the hammer would be sent for smashing. I was given a tiny pin to wear. It said, "Frank Buster", and in 'that's-the-least-I-can-do' moment I joined his campaign to get rid of Frank. I scanned the audience for other Frank Busters and found a few. There has to be a song for this brave lad and I racked my brain to find it. I thought about "Lean On Me" and "Stand By Me", but his will was already so positive and strong. Why go there? Instead, we sang "don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing's gonna be alright". I am proud of my Frank Buster pin, and I will wear it forever in prayer for all the little children fighting for their lives.

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