Saturday, November 28, 2009

What time is it?

The world is getting smaller. Ought we not find a better way to manage it? What an anomaly. There are more people than ever and yet the world is getting smaller. Space is less. Pace is more stressed. What time is it? Ain't it time that you free yourself instead of waiting on somebody else? What time is it?
Ain't it time that you open the door to making love instead of making war?
What time is it
Ain't it time that you shake the nation with a little bit of peaceful confrontation?
What time is it?
Ain't it time that you make a stand and start lovin' everybody like you know you can?
What time is it?
Are you in time on time out of time or left behind?
What itme is it?
Are you buying time doing time makin' time or wastin' time?
What time is it?
Is it break time take time night time or the right time to stand up and fight time?
what time is it?
Is it dawn dusk or duck doomsday and are we out of luck?
What time is it?
Is it time that you light the night up with dynamite?
What time is it?
Ain't it time that we get it done equal rights for everyone?
What time is it?
Is it up time down time about time to come on out time?
Is it winnin' time grinnin' time grittin' time or quittin' time?
Is it movin' time groovin' time skin time or make a friend time?
Is it AM, PM or free him he only spoke his mind?
What time is it?

Monday, November 23, 2009

On Home

It is good to be home no matter where you are!! The Chicster

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Passing the Blues Along - A documentary

I am excited to announce the release of Passing the Blues Along - a documentary directed by Joseph Sargent that covers mostly my adult years as a performing artist. Copies will be on sale beginning November 9th. For more information on Passing the Blues Along please call Mo' Street Music (206) 525-2993. -- The Chicster