Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hearts Care

I am a great believer in the healing power of music... the power to heal the body and spirit, transform emotions, bridge cultural and social divides, and inspire hope. I have had the great privilege of bringing joy and relief to individuals all over the world who are in need of special heartfelt caring. With HEARTS Care I continually seek ways to expand my personal involvement in healing through a community of dedicated, caring artists and musicians.

I saw the two worlds of psychology and music overlap while I was working as a psychodramatist at the Community Hospital in Carmel, CA. Time and time again I heard doctors, patients, staff comment "The best therapy we get around hear is when Chic brings his guitar to work", as if music were an emotional magnet drawing tensions out of the body long enough for it to heal.

Since then I’ve been able to take that concept to many different venues. At my school of performing arts in Santa Barbara, CA, students regularly performed for senior citizens centers, hospitals, juvenile halls, psychiatric institutions, and more.

One year I orchestrated a tour with musicians to Seattle's Children's Hospital. We dressed up as bugs and called it Christmas in Bugland. We brought guitars, shakers, harmonicas and violins. It was a wonderful way to bring joy and relief to the children. And the musicians had a blast!  This is a special work, and I thoroughly believe in it.