Saturday, December 26, 2009


A poem by my son who will turn twelve in February.

By Julien Streetman

I am from poem
I am from baseball bats to violins
From Georgia to South Dakota
From the farm land to the inner city Roxbury, Boston
I am from steamed burnt vegetables
Ice cream and more ice cream
Home made blueberry pancakes fresh off the stove
And mixed fruit topped off with vanilla yogurt
As white as fresh snow
I am from expensive instruments
Heavy duty sports gear, black and white
Checkered decorating and Mac computers
Sprawled out on every desk in the house
I am from a loving family
Saying grace at a wonderful Christmas Dinner
With a long term tradition
With Christmas at Grandma's house
I am from a special smell only I can smell
Of my dad coming home from a trip
Clorox mixed with vanilla
I am from juicy buttery mouthwatering cream corn
I am from strong love between my mom
Dad, puppy and I
I am from a little bit of this and a little bit of that
That is where I am from